Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Secret Scent Box Review + Discount

First off I'll have to start off with an apology; i'm a little bit shit at this blogging game aren't I? I've had loads going on at university and have my critical exams coming up and have found little time for anything apart from studying. So deeply sorry that this is late!

So when the wonderful Anil - the founder and creator of Secret Scent Box - got in touch and asked whether I would be interested in trying out this service, the short answer is yes! I've seen a few recent reviews mainly focussing on the scents that where in their particular box but I'm going to only briefly mention that and instead primarily write about the service as a whole.

Secret Scent Box has a very easy to follow website (here) that easily breaks down the information, shows you a sample of what to expect in your box and shows you the date that you should expect your box - all in all it is very easy to place an order. It is auto-renewing but this is incredibly easy to suspend or amend (everything is very transparent).

Not in for deliveries? No problem! The box is sent in letterbox friendly packaging and the scents inside are very well protected. The boxes themselves are packaged like a jewellery box, the box is very sturdy and good quality and it unveils your three fragrances that have been chosen for you for that month.

You receive three 3ml samples (9ml in total) which is enough to last you for the month (and yes it does last you, I'm a person whom liberally douses himself in fragrance and it did last me). For example, the three fragrances I got in my box are: Paco Rabanne 1 Million Privé, Lacoste L.12.12 Noir and Ted Baker M. Now I have never smelt any of these before and I have to say that the three where a good mix! The Paco Rabanne was a good spicy evening fragrance, the Ted Baker was very fresh and subsequently great for the day time and the Lacoste was great for night time and going out because of it's dark chocolate notes. The sample sizes come with their own spray and are Secret Scent Box branded - these are not just random sample from the company thrown in a box and sent (or scent pardon the pun) to you. They come with cards explaining the notes and showing a picture of the product should you want to purchase it after wearing it.

I have to say that I was throughly impressed with this service as a whole! I was worried that it would be three of those free samples you get when you beg the sales assistant at a shop but it is not. The service is sleek and sophisticated and is a great way of trying out new fragrances and you can see how they wear over the day as you wear them (something you can't really see when you go into a shop and spritz some on). I love trying out new fragrances and this is a fantastic way of discovering new ones 9especially as I've never ever picked any of these up in a shop or smelt them ever). Also if you are travelling you can take your months box away with you and three little vials take up zero space in your wash bag.

So if you are into discovering new fragrances what are you waiting for! Check out Secret Scent Box here!

Also if you use the code HAPHAZARD15 you get 15% off your first order!

*I was sent this for review but it is 100% my opinions 
* The Link is also an affiliate link and I earn a small percentage of the sale, you don't pay anymore but it helps a poor student out xo 

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