Thursday, 20 April 2017

Skin care favourites of 2017 so far

Now firstly I should admit that I am totally procrastinating writing this post as I should be revising but you know you need to take breaks occasionally don't you (I'm currently on the fourth hour of my break).

I'm really not a fan of writing "monthly favourites" posts because being honest how many products do you try to really get 14 new favourites every month (unless you are the Zoella) that are always different. It really annoys when people are talking about skin care and they are like, "omg this cream is so good I got it like yesterday and it totally changed my skin instantly and i now have no wrinkles, a new boyfriend and I've got a promotion. Like you should totally buy this cream #ad". Skin care needs to be tested over a long period of time to see if it makes any differences not a hot minute like some bloggers do...Also while we are talking about transparency, i'll tell you always if I have bought the product or been sent it for me to try and lastly I promise that my bot hasn't done any of this for me.

Might as well talk about what's been going on my face recently:

First off can I say a shoutout to The Ordinary. The products are and cheap as chip (this is dangerous because I have felt the urge to buy them all) but I settled on 8 of them (oops). Rather than write an ode to The Ordinary, I'll just tell you that my favourite product is the Hyaluronic Acid + B5! I've nearly finished this bottle and another is on it's way to me! What can I say it does what it says on the tin! There are three molecular weights of hyaluronic acid so they penetrate at different levels (smallest go furtherest down into the skin etc) and it is a humectant meaning it attracts water. i'm sure you've all read the headline that it can hold it's 1000x its own weight in water and at certain times i feel like you can feel the hydration! I've used this for two months and have told my friends, my family, passers by, cats and dogs about this product - I'll now never be without it because I can visibly see that it has made my skin better! my skin is now more plump and hydrated and I think it is all down to this wonder. It's also like £6 so don't buy that meal deal and buy this instead! 

At risk of sounding like a Deciem (the umbrella brand that owns The Ordinary, Hylamide, Niod and many others) fan boy but my next favourite is the Hylamide Hydra Density Mist. Now if you are starting out in skin care a mist is really not essential at all but this a great one. It has seed oils so unlike a load of facial sprays it actually hydrates because you know plain old water can be very dehydrating on the skin. I prefer to use this as my toner in the morning and give a few quick spritzes across my face before I go in with serum. This will also be refreshing for a hot day just to cool you down and would be good if you want to lightly hydrate your skin if you are having problems with breakouts. It's also alcohol free because no toner that has alcohol in it is going anywhere near my face. (Although certain serums have an alcohol concentration in order for them to penetrate more deeply). You can buy Hylamide from Deciem directly or the Hylamide range is a 1/3 off in boots at the moment! 

Now I use a lot of acid (not the LSD kind) but of the glycolic and AHA and BHA kind. These are great chemical exfoliants but this new skin that they "unearth" is delicate and prone to sun damage so you need a good SPF to whack on during the day in order to protect this new skin. I got sent some of the Herbalife Skin Range and the Protective Moisturiser SPF 30 was amongst them. Admittedly I don't just use this as my moisturiser because I find it not hydrating enough for my dry skin but it absorbs so quickly and is not greasy like a lot of spf's are! I wear this everyday under my moisturiser and love it!

Now to take the spf off at night time I use my favourite cleanser I have ever tried - the Yes to coconuts ultra hydrating creme cleanser. First off no foaming cleansers are ever going near my face (if I see a foaming cleanser I run for the hills and you should too!) they strip the hydration out of your skin and leave it squeaky clean (your face should be clean but the paint work on your car should be squeaky clean). The creme cleanser if ultra hydrating (there are many many plant oils in this), it doesn't foam but applies like a thick moisturiser to your dry skin and you should massage it in and then flannel off with hot water after using this my face is clean and still hydrated! I'm onto tube number three! It's also like £4 @ Superdrug right now so...

My last skin care favourite goes to my night cream of choice which is the Korres Black Pine Night Cream. I bought this on a whim off ASOS when it was on sale and I am pleasantly surprised that this came out as a winner. I'd never heard of Korres before but with some research discovered that they are a greek brand. I will say that it is very heavy so if that is not your thing this isn;t for you but my dull and dehydrated skin loves it! My skin feels more plump by morning and it has a noticable glow as well! It has a very natural plant like smell which I just love! (creams that smell like roses go straight in the pin i'm not 105 thanks). The cream is so rich and luxurious to use and I actually look forward to slathering it on at night! This product does not contain petrolatum, mineral oil, silicones, propylene glycol, sulfates, phospates, parabens and ethanolamines. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, is not tested on animals, and is recommended for all skin types. A total winner. 

I'm a fan of the dry shave especially now I have the wonderful Braun Series 3 which I won from Charlie's (manabouttown) blog at Christmas (his blog is ace go and check it out). But when I do wet shave I use Clarins Men Smooth Shave. When I use it I don't get any cuts, it's very very hydrating and I don't get any irritation from it.... what more do you want from a shaving cream (no, it won't do your house work).

I know this is Skin care but Knight and Wilson sent across the wonderful Hair Detox kit to me and not only am I hooked but my whole family is as well! This is my third set of them. Basically in the box you get two tubes one "purifier" and one "revitaliser". They do not contain the dreaded SLS (sodium laureth sulfate) which you should never use a product that contains it! After following the 2 step process (much easier than putting together those IKEA shelves I promise) your hair is so soft, manageable and not tangly... my mum loves the stuff and uses it all the time (hence why I am onto my third set). You can buy it from Superdrug and it is super cheap! (and it works so it is a massive win!)

Thanks very much for reading my current favourites (awfully formal)
I've procrastinated for another 2 hours writing this.

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