Sunday, 15 January 2017

My Top 3 Fragrances of 2016! + my 3 Fragrances for 2017

Scent is one of our five senses, arguably one of the things that you can detect most about a person from a distance is their smell. Scent really does travel in waves across a room and can often be the first thing that someone notices about you. What scent you are wearing often tells a lot about you or what sort of event you are going too - think citrus to enliven and heavy amber for evening.

Since scent is such a wonderful thing I'd thought that I'd share with you my top 3 fragrances for 2016 and the 3 that I hope to acquire during 2017!

I really (or used too) have 2 fragrances for the day. For daytime fragrances I try to wear lighter scents like citrus, pepper and patchouli these really wake you up and keep you going throughout the day. My first one is Terre de Hermès by Hermès.

This initially upon spraying on the skin is a very very citrusy scent - it certainly gets me going in the morning - think grapefruit and limes and oranges. After drying down on my skin it is still very very fresh but it turns ever so slightly stoney (you know when water runs over pebbles, yeah that smell!) and spicy, if you ever get a mid day slump Terre de Hermès will keep you going. At its heart is vetiver and wood but it is so subtle, i'd suggest taking the bottle out and about with you because on me it does not last all day and I always need another spritz (but please will people stop drowning themselves in perfume i'm not a fan of smelling someone a mile away). I'm on my second bottle and even have a tiny little bottle that I keep in my jacket pocket to give me a little more pep in my step when needed. Yes I will admit it is slightly more expensive than a more normal fragrance like Boss Bottled but I think it's really worth it because I always get compliments when I wear it. Buy here!

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My second day to day fragrance is Bleu de Chanel, to me it's like the above but ever so slightly more woody, spicy and heavy but it still has a strong citrusy slant. If you want to be woken up immediately then put this on! Strong citrus is mixed with pepper which gives way to some spices & woods like ginger, jasmine and cedar. After about an hour or two on me I get some incense and more woods. Bleu de Chanel is a very rich fragrance but with the addition of citrus it makes it more wearable during the day time. This does last all day on me so doesn't require a top up. I really do need to buy a new bottle of this since I dropped my full bottle and it smashed on the tiled bathroom floor but bonus! the tiles now smell fabulous! Buy a full bottle here 

The one and only evening scent for me is Tom Ford Noir (I will never be silenced!). Like the name states Noir is very dark and intense with breaths of smoke throughout. Predominantly Amber remains strong as waves of pepper, bergamot and vetiver bombard (in a great way) you throughout the evening. Use this sparingly as one spray is enough for the evening but often days after I can still smell it on my clothes! I really cannot get enough of this and have just finished my fourth bottle! Buy a bottle here!


I think 2017 should be an adventurous year and that I should drag myself out of my comfort fragrances and try some new ones! So here are the three that I am hoping to purchase myself this year.

Now apart from all the bottles being black these are all completely different fragrances. Wonderwood is a cross between Bleu de Chanel and Noir as the name states is woody but has a more citrusy edge that reminds me of BdC but is heavier making it the perfect all day fragrance from day to evening to night. 

Jo Malone Dark Amber and Ginger Lily is something I alway smell when I walk past the counter in the Glasgow House of Fraser. Testament to its obvious lasting power I sprayed it on while shopping in Glasgow and then drove 4 hours home to the highlands and received a compliment on how it smelt! A winner in my eyes 

Creed Aventus is an ultra luxe fragrance that costs £105 for 30ml! My friend how smelt it on me described it to me as the epitome of man! Its the perfect blend of grassy, musky and citrusy wood that just makes it the perfect fragrance and one for me to wear in 2017!

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