Saturday, 21 January 2017

Fish Soho - My top three products!

When it comes to hair I really am a creature of habit, I wear it the same way and I use the same products everyday but recently all has changed! I'm quite easy to please; give me a product that gives my hair texture; has hold; and is matte. Fish Soho seem like the perfect fit! Let's start by me giving you some history of the product or "fishtory" as they call it... haha get it? (There's plenty of fish puns coming up don't worry!)

Born in 1987 in uber trendy Soho Paul Burfoot bought an old sex shop, and while renovating, discovered that once it was a fishmongers which is where the name Fish Hairdressing comes from! In 1995 (while nearly burning down the shed) Paul created their first product; fish wax! Fast forward (or swim) to 2017 and Fish Soho has been sold in Boots for 15 years! I thought I'd share with you my top three products that have been keeping my hair in check in 2017!

The first logical place to start really is shampoo. Now I only wash my hair once a week with shampoo (unless I use an oil based product) and my hair is quite thin... the "Plump Fish Thickening Shampoo" is part of their platinum range - a fish soho website exclusive - does what it really says on the tin and thickens your hair! It easily washed all of my products out and left my hair shiny and voluminous! More of a gel consistency it lathers up excellently and left my hair smelling woody! After my hair dried my hair felt super soft and was very easy to style and is a bargain at £4.29!

Next logical stop is the "Fish Shape Texturising Cream". I'm not a fan of sticky waxes that leave my hair shiny or products that set hard as I like to move my hair around in the day. Even though the cream is somewhat sticky upon application once worked through the hair it gives great flexible hold and is pretty much matte. My hair stayed up all day really (even with my annoying habit of me constantly running my hands through my hair) and even survived a light Glasgow shower! This is my new hair styling product of choice and is available from Boots for £5.99! 

Last stop is the "Fish Sticks Fixing Hairspray", now admittedly I'm not really a fan of hairsprays because of how crispy they leave your hair and unless I'm going out somewhere in never want my hair to be like that but.... this one gives a flexible finish! If you spray one layer you don't get that awful crispy feeling but of course if you want that you can apply more layers for a firmer hold. It also does not have that toxic aerosol spray that many do either. My hair felt great and stayed where it was put all day and was more than happy as to be moved periodically! This is also available to buy in Boots for £4.29 or from the Fish Soho site here! 

There we have it three of my most favourite hair products! What are yours? Tweet them to me @haphazardfash

*Please note these products where gifted to be by Fish Soho but I decided to write my own review based on my opinions only. 

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