Thursday, 26 January 2017

What to wear to uni

"Don't worry what you wear everyone at uni always looks a mess"

Was the preamble I received shortly before arriving to uni. No they don't (at least in Glasgow). The first lecture I went to everyone swished through the doors walking up to their seats like it was a cat walk; it was then I realised that my hoodie wouldn't cut it. Fashion is about how comfortable you are as a person in the clothes that you have chosen to put on yourself that day, you wear what you want, because otherwise you can always tell someone who is dressed in clothes that they are not comfortable in themselves wearing. Personally, I'm more comfortable in smart casual clothing for instance, I never feel me without skinny jeans or trousers on and a nice pair of shoes. I'm not one of those people who can pull of joggers outside the house because I feel uncomfortable in myself wearing them (per-say a leopard wearing tiger stripes) but if that's what you are comfortable in then go for it! I'm not here to judge or to tell you what to wear but to offer an insight into my personal style and if you want to try it then great - the most beautiful thing about fashion is it is the easiest way to demonstrate to others your personality.

Anyway, I'm writing this at 1am after doing a tutorial and this mini 'speech' seems poignant now but I might read it over in the morning and think it stinks of corniness (I could probably write Donald Trump's Presidential Speeches tbh).

Outfit number one!

At uni I'm always dressed in black to mourn the loss of my grades. It may come as no surprise but a Glasgow winter is a chilly one... The wool trucker jacket is from ASOS and is borg lined - basically it is fluffy - and it is super warm and cosy in the winter months (October to April haha). It is basically a warmer more winter friendly version of the staple denim jacket and if I can remember correctly £55! Also from what I've seen the trucker jacket style is very much being carried through into AW17/18 so get yours now!  (and it is half price!!)

Next is the tee, it is a past season piece from Neil Barrett. The t-shirt is white and has a cartoon boom symbol across the whole front in greys and in blacks. Very simple thing but has slightly more going for it than how stark a white tee would of been - it also matches the grey trim on the jacket.  Although past season there is a very similar linked in the opening sentence.

Of course, any black jeans will do but my ones are the Levi's 512. In my opinion you cannot get a better fitting jean than this! (I'm sure that I've sung my praises for these enough).

Word of warning going sockless and getting my ankles out in 3 degrees was not a good idea but the shoes are black leather slip ons from COS. They have a -once- white sole and a simple black leather upper (very very similar to ones from Common Projects). I'm a bit of COS enthusiast really, I seem to have acquired a lot of my wardrobe from there and I personally don't think that many people talk about it as much as others. I cannot find the ones from COS but here's a classic

Outfit number two

Speaking of COS.... that's where the jacket is from! It is a navy wool parka style coat and is super warm and easy to throw over anything. It has years of pocket space and usually my student card is hiding in one of them! A big investment for me this Jacket was nearly £200 but I do not regret it all in fact i'm considering buying another colour!

The Navy felt, flannel shirt is from Urban Outfitter's Urban Renewal range, if you are not familiar basically the section take vintage pieces sourced from around the world and change, repair and adapt them meaning every piece is unique! Layering in winter at uni is essential, you go from a hot building to building and then you have the cold walk home! The shirt is light enough to keep me warm inside but the material - when layered under a coat - keeps me warm and dry outside. Here is a very similar one!

For the black t-shirt any black one will do (mine is from COS) and the jeans are... you guessed it.... Levi's 512!

Now the trainers, where are extravagant purchase, and are blue and grey suede ones from Tod's. You may be familiar with their driving shoes but they also do a line of sneakers (trainers or sneakers what word is it?). Once broken in (ouch) they are super comfortable! Thinking of treating your self you can get them here!

Many thanks for reading and your continuing support! Fancy seeing more of me follow me on twitter @haphazardfash.

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