Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Earn Your Stripes

Let's face it, we all own Stripes! Whether it is a more classic Breton or a new multicoloured nineties inspired knit we all have some form or another of stripes in our lives. Striped menswear is a classic and is something that I am always looking to invest in as the pieces will be a main stay in my wardrobe for years to come. Whether stripes are "on trend" or not is arbitrary to me because I use the trends as a source of inspiration but I do not treat them as bible. For instance, yellow is on trend for SS17 but I'm not rushing out to buy any because, in my eyes, it is a fad and doesn't have any longevity and after this year I guarantee you'll see a rapture of yellow in charity shops because the "trend fiends" won't be seen dead in that yellow rain coat again".  My musings aside, my favourite way to buy stripes is through lightweight knits and t-shirts, for my taste a striped jacket is too bold and not as versatile as a t-shirt- but if you want to rock it then go for it!

Underneath I have composed 3 outfits based around the stripes in my wardrobe (going to tell you now it is dominated by black, grey and whites!).

Here, my favourite YSL knit is the focal point, speaking of longevity the knit is from the 90's and I found in a vintage shop, what is around the knit are the colours included in its design. Black jeans (from Levi's) and chelsea boots (from Topman) are basic anchors for a bold (ish) top half, the jacket is grey with white flecks from Nicole Farhi and really let's the stripes do the talking. In the deppest darkest moments of winter I would layer with a grey scarf (much wind in Glasgow!) and as it gets warmer I would team it with a thinner and thinner jacket (like a shacket) until it becomes colder again! (what's summer?!)

Lightweight striped knits are very easy to pick up on the high street and I will link a few down below!

Check this one out from ASOS
Check this one out from Selected Homme
This one is on sale!
Check out this one from Topman

These are the infamous jeans

Similar to my jacket

I place I find myself gravitating too recently is Allsaints! The clothes are fantastic quality (albeit with very inconsistent sizing) and their dark-neutral colour palette is right up my street! (Although I'm not a fan of holes in my jumpers!). This black on grey t-shirt was picked up not too long ago and I have been wearing it non-stop! (Although last night I spilt sweet chilli sauce down it) And the beauty of it being grey is that it is easy to wear it with blacks - as I have done here - or blues or khaki! On my feet are the classic Clark's Desert Boots and ofcourse, I'm wearing the Levi's 512's again!

Here is the Reiss coat and it is on sale!
Here is the top from Allsaints and it also on sale!
A more striking variant of the stripes are the bigger block stripes mine are from Shore Leave (an Urban Outfitters brand) and are slightly textured - this gives an ordinary t-shirt a slight edge. Teamed up with my most recent purchase a Uniqlo pea coat this outfit is really about letting the stripes do all the talking! Yes, i'm wearing the same jeans! On my feet are a black leather oxford from Oliver Sweeney - one of my favourite brands - which once had a white sole!

Similar T-shirt
Similar Jacket (uniqlo one is sold out)
Similar Shoes

There you are! The three ways that I wear Stripes! Go out and earn yours!

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