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Rewind with Canali - A look at the FW17/18 collection #Ad

Canali is a brand with craftsmanship at its heart, founded in 1934 by Giacomo and Giovanni Canali the brand truly stands for authentic Italian craftsmanship which intertwines Italian culture and elegance and produces top draw tailoring -and more recently accessories. If you are confused as to what true Italian craftsmanship is then watch this video - entitled "Rewind" . If there is any confusion as to what "Rewind is about then read this quote from Ivan Cotroneo the Screenwriter and Director.
"Rewind is a three-minute film about everything that is hidden, everything that comes before the simple act of putting on a jacket. This journey transpires in reverse, like a melodic dance, moving backwards from the final creation all the way to the initial idea. All this to convey that there is nothing simple about the process and that behind every single detail lie many individuals, hundreds of steps, care, attention, and also, love.
Rewind tells a story of passion, creativity, commitment, teamwork. As with a film or with any finished work of art, it is impossible to imagine just how much time and effort is involved.
This film is dedicated to all of this work. An homage for all those who work behind the scenes of that world."
Ivan Cotroneo - Screenwriter and Director of Rewind

That is far better then I could of ever explained it! The video is more like a piece of art, showing you what is often ignored by the consumer - the dedication and craftsmanship of the craftsman/women whom make it - it is simply more than putting on a jacket. 

Rewind is also first in a series of films commissioned by Canali - so watch this space for more! 

How we all truly understand the craftsmanship (I'm saying that word a lot aren't I?) I think it is good for us to have a peak at the Fall Winter 17/18 collection by Canali. I have chosen my three favourite looks to analyse in greater detail but if you want to view the whole collection then click here! It was hard choosing three though since the entire collection is very much up my street! What I think sets this collection apart from all the other collections you see at the likes of fashion weeks etc is how wearable everything is, there is no sheer netting, cut out panels or leather masks everything is classic and timeless and that is what Canali is all about.

 For me, burgundy is an ultimate autumn colour and I'm looking to add more in this tone to my wardrobe. A huge trend is going to be "Jewel Tones" think like deep ruby reds, rich blues and peridot greens - Canali have really have a consistent theme of deep ruby reds throughout their collection like through the burgundy shoes (a staple because can wear these with black or blues). A note with regards to the boots, if you are like me and love your laces looking uniform these boots have handy zips in order to slip in and out without disrupting the lacing.

As seen in SS17 collections skinny trousers are gone instead the emphasis is placed on wider legged silhouettes, Canali have done this but gone for a more tailored option that is slim fitting but not fitted at the ankles (personally I was never a fan of skinny suit trousers anyway as they always looked weird on people and made them look like they bought the size too small).

The Jacket itself is in a lovely burgundy shade and is double breasted. The most interesting part is that it has two large patch pockets which where a strong trend this winter it modernises a very classic silhouette.

 Speaking of something that is a strong trend this Winter may I divert your attention to this long field jacket? Canali has taken a field jacket and made it more classic by making it out of luxurious cashmere and extending the length to that of a short over coat. This is a great way of making a suit more casual especially as the model is wearing a long sleeve polo shirt. A true testament to Canali's style is that they have used the same suit as their base - these looks demonstrate how to dress the same item of clothing different ways by layering it with different pieces. Khaki is a colour that I've recently been acquiring more of, it's a very flattering colour that works well with pretty much every other colour and here the knitted polo is a very subtle hue. Is it too early to write a Christmas list because this jacket is certainly on it.

The shoes are the very versatile burgundy but this time are thick soled loafers - they are one of the easiest shoes to wear in summer go sockless and in winter put on apair of your favourite socks and off you go! These loafers are more strudy thanks to their GoodYear construction meaning they will last you a life time if you take care of them and get them serviced by a cobbler every so often. Canali is really classic fashion that lasts thanks to its enduring quality.

Overall from the collection this is my favourite look! Although I see the bright yellow that trended in SS17 catwalks as a flash in the pan I can see this being the winter that we see Men in Mustard everywhere! With this collection Canali has really tried to brighten up the dull winter with mustard, greens and reds but they have still used tones that are very sympathetic to their tailoring - for instance in this look the trousers have a subtle mustard pin stripe (a very subtle way to wear the yellow trend) running through them which pulls the whole look together.

Now, let's talk about this amazing cashmere bomber jacket! Apart from being grey (my one true love) it will be so easy to wear with a variety of looks! Want to make a shirt more casual - bomber jacket, want to step up your streetwear game - this luxe bomber jacket..... you get the point?

Oh and hi burgundy shoes! Do you need any more proof that burgundy shoes will work with anything? I rest my case.

If you want to see the rest of the looks, check out the official website where you can see the full FW17/18 collection.

To summarise, I really love the ethos behind this collection because it makes you think about the level of work that goes into making every piece of Canali menswear and you will never look at a humble jacket the same way again.

*This post was made in collaboration with Canali however the blog post is written by me and the idea came from me 

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