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How to Recreate London Fashion Week Outfits for Less - Jim Chapman

London Men's Fashion Week is for many the place to be. Stylish influencers line the street swish camera in hand ready for that blog shot. A kin to this is the flood of photographers whose job it is to snap photos of those influencers as they stroll around London going from show to show. Scrolling through Instagram the other day I found a photo reposted by Jim Chapman - if you don't know whom Jim is then where have you been living - he's a youtuber who has a very sharp sense of style and if he's not on your front row you are doing something wrong.

Anyway, this was the photo that Jim reposted from the brilliant Mr Ben Benson:

Lookin' super fly - Photo from @MrBenBenson instagram 
After trawling the internet for what seems ages I have found Jim's outfit or very very close equivalents from the same brand (because Jim's ethos to fashion is that he buys quality pieces that will be in style for many seasons to come).

Starting from left working right:

Far left is a cashmere blend knitted shirt from Burberry - it has a cuban collar which was a very big trend in the summer and is looking like one for SS17. Although the shirt is not available any more I found the price on lyst.com.

Inner left are the classic Levi's 512 in Black these a firm favourite of many people (including myself!) they are the perfect fit! They are skinny in the right places and roomier in the other and really a bargain at £85 (for students you can use unidays for 20% off Levi's!). Available from John Lewis.

Inner Right is a shearling jacket from Burberry although not the exact one that Jim is wearing it is pretty darn close! (Jim's has patch pockets which are a big trend for this season). Now this is less than a bargain at a fiver shy under £3000 but it will become a family heirloom because of its quality construction and very durable materials! Available from Burberry here!

Last but not least are the boots, all I had to work with was the photo and the fact that they are by Oliver Sweeney. I think these are pretty darn close! They have a slight cleated sole and are very minimalist. I can vouch for how comfortable Oliver Sweeney's shoes are and they are certainly worth the output if you want to treat yourself! Available here!

There we have it Jim's outfit! All yours for a mere £3824! Jim's outfit is very simple but the small details set it apart mainly how everything fits no matter what clothing you are wearing - high street or high fashion - everything will look 10 times better if your jeans are the right length and the jacket fits you across the shoulders properly and tailoring is not expensive!

Now, I have trawled the internet to find you the closest outfit I can to Jim's at a fraction of the cost! By no means do you have to go out and buy everything but if you are looking for a particular piece from his outfit this can serve as inspiration as to how to wear that particular item!

Starting from the left and working right:

A pretty good match I think! Slightly more army than brown though but this was the closest that I could find - it is a merino blend knitted shirt cardigan from ASOS (and is on sale for £11)! It again has the cuban collar that has dominated menswear collections last summer. On sale at ASOS!

To be honest you can buy black jeans from anywhere you like, in fact, most of you will have them at your disposal anyway and like I said before you don't have to buy these specific pair of jeans but buy the ones that fit you correctly because they will look best on you! (You couldn't get me to part with my 512's!) I'd thought I would highlight H&M denim though as it is great quality and is always a great price! (even though I find it quite long in the leg!). Buy from H&M here!

Now the really stand out piece from Jim's outfit is the jacket, this one from ASOS is pretty similar! Now it is faux shearling and features a lack of patch pockets but has the large buckled collar similar to the one from Burberry. And the main point is that it is £2915 cheaper! Although it won't last as long and would probably be a more seasonal than a main stay piece in your wardrobe but for that saving you could go on holiday! Buy the jacket here from ASOS!

Lastly, are the boots and my ethos towards shoes are that the better quality the better! We only get one pair of feet and we could take care of them well wearing only good quality footwear because, if we don't, we would probably regret it when we are older. These boots from H&M's premium collection are very similar to the Oliver Sweeney ones and feature a thin cleated sole and are very simple! Available from H&M here!

Well I think I can pat myself on the back?! Anyway if you where to buy all my suggestions it would cost you £190.98! A saving of £3633.02!!! You could look just as good at Fashion Week as Jim (debatable) and then take a holiday! Hope you've enjoyed this post because I have had great fun writing it (this took me 6 hours haha)

Many thanks for Reading
Sam xo

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