Thursday, 5 January 2017

Why Mr Porter is the leading Menswear destination + My Top 5 products

First post of 2017! Hurrah! 2016 was a year of many ups and downs (including me having to repeat a year at university) I'm clearly no inspiration! However 2017 has started the way that 2016 has - browsing the internet for my wish list for the up and coming SS17 season. The website where I seem to spend most of my time perusing is Mr Porter.

Mr Porter is a one stop shop for all your labelled fashion needs and now a newly introduced skin care section. Stocking over 350 brands from Converse to Gucci to Tom Ford it has nearly everything imaginable. The chosen items are carefully selected and shown as looks with every item being shown on the model by video for the easiest way for you to see the fit coupled with concise fit and materials information Mr Porter is the easiest and most enjoyable of places to shop! Also don't get me started about the gorgeous boxes that everything is sent to you in and you even get a sticker with your name on it (yes I am that fickle).

Anyway, I'd thought I share my favourite 5 items that I REALLY want to buy myself.

My chelsea boots are currently having a bit of a rough time - that's a lie they are a mess. Everything I have been lusting after recently seems to be by Common Projects. Their aesthetic is very minimalist and simple - fans of the original Achilles Low sneaker will know that I am on about - nothing is put on the shoes that is garish or not needy but when you see them in the flesh you are struck by the craftsmanship and the superb quality. During winter my chelsea boots are essentially welded to my feet so it makes sense to invest in some quality ones. Also with Mr Porter you get a lots of exclusive to them products and these are one of them! Buy here!

Moving on from minimalism to Gucci... Let's face it Alessandro Michele has been killing it at Gucci. Updating the white trainer with a touch of chinoiserie is a stroke of genius. These are more appealing to me than the previous season "Ace trainers" which had a green holographic back plate. These in the summer with a suit layered on top of a white shirt would be the ultimate smart casual outfit! Yeah I want them in my basket - get them here!

Regular readers of the blog will know my love of grey and black and what better for Spring than a lightweight knit in one of the seasons hottest trends - Stripes! Officine Generale are a really cool Parisian brand whom make very timeless items - some take on stripes that I have seen are down right absurd - but this offering in very easy to wear and if it goes anywhere near a sale in the summer I'll buy it! (Student budget and all) Anyway, it is a mix of merino and cashmere meaning it is ultra lightweight but will still keep you warm on those brisk spring mornings and evenings! Buy here! 

Turning 21 next month I feel like I need to take the ultimate adult responsibility and that is to take care of a nice pair of sunglasses! I've lost count of all the pairs of sunglasses that I have left/lost/broken/ chewed by the dog/ dropped down the side of my seat in the car/ binned by accident and have been deemed by society as a careless sunglasses owner! H&M has been the place where I buy all my sunglasses because losing £6.99 is easier than £100+. Ray Bans are a more reasonable price than I've seen others and the club master style is so classic! Buy them to not lose them here!

The cold winds of winter//spring take a toll on your face and Aesop's Elemental Barrier cream is the best way to protect yourself! Enriched with shea butter it will leave you with a cool complexion. Mr Porter has a massive range of skin care from the more niche brands to very mainstream ones like Clinque meaning than when topping up your wardrobe you can top up your skin care cupboard too! Buy me here!

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