Friday, 23 December 2016

Runway Looks for Less - Runway Fashion at High Street Prices!

It has been too long! Sorry for the lack of posts but finally exams are over and now I can look forward to Christmas and 2017 (what happened to 2016?!). Exam season was tough and I’m looking forward to eating my weight in food over the festive period and of course, seeing my family whom I haven’t seen this September! As I sit writing this, it’s about 7:30am and I’m on a train down from Glasgow to see everyone and I’m quite excited – if not a little tired from getting up at 5am to get the train.

Anyway I’m sure none of you are interested in my back-story - this is not the X-Factor. I thought that I would start a new series called “Runway looks for Less” – in part this is inspired by my love of runway fashion and my lack of funds to purchase it forcing me to find similar alternatives on the high street.

Recently the monochrome looks from Saint Laurent have really resonated with me because I live exclusively in black, grey and navy. However with Saint Laurent every piece has its own eccentric details that really set it apart from other monochrome fashions (however sometimes these details can be very extreme and not very easy to wear day-to-day).

Photo from Vogue - Lookin' stormy Legolas 

This look is from the Saint Laurent AW16/17 show and struck with me partly because it contains all my most worn colours but also the burgundy velvet boots and touch of cheetah print on the shirt are subtle enough that you could easily and comfortably wear this look day-to-day.

We’ll start with the key pieces first,  The model is wearing a leather varsity jacket – leather is something in my opinion that never goes out of fashion and everyman should have at least one leather jacket – varsity style is a strong trend for this season but by making the jacket out of leather the jacket becomes more timeless and less of a trend (I’m personally not a fan of the varsity jackets that are very High School Musical-y). 

Selected Homme - £78 - ASOS

Although I could not find a suitable leather alternative from the high street I found that Selected Homme did a plain black wool one with some leather detailing (and it is on sale!) The wool will keep you warmer in the winter anyway! Was actually a real struggle to find a similar jacket! Buy me!

ASOS - £25

The western shirt was much easier to find! ASOS -as usual- is really the place to go when it comes to replicating designer fashion at a very reasonable cost! The red cheetah print is slightly more subtle than the Saint Laurent piece and still works with the rest of the look. Super reasonably priced at £25 this is going into my basket! Buy me here!

Trousers - £49.99 - Zara

I find one of the best places on the high street to buy formal wear is Zara. Zara has always been very hit of miss for me either I love everything or I can go for months without finding anything that I like or looks good on me. However the formal wear are always very good and these navy trousers are a good slim fit and are very versatile. (Shit I say very, very often haha). Never want to iron your trousers again? Buy me!

Boots - £85 - Topman
Although beautiful I’m sure Velvet boots in the UK?  I’m not too convinced. Anyway I found some leather ones from Topman in a western style with a heel – similar to the style of most Saint Laurent boots. I’m a big fan of burgundy shoes and boots since they’re a rare colour that can be easily paired with either black or blues making them extremely versatile. A wee tip though when I buy smooth soled shoes go into thr kitchen and score them with either a key or knife (gently) to increase your grip and to stop you sliding around like Bambi on ice.  I fell outside of a shopping centre once and everyone laughed so grip is important! Buy me!

Lastly are the two accessories, A brown fedora with black strap detailing and a grey fringed scarf. The hat is from ASOS and is currently £11! The scarf is a little more expensive and is from Reiss – although I don’t really consider Reiss high street the scarf was the closest match that I could find.

There you have it my first “Runway look for less!” Got any runway pictures that you want copied tweet them too me @haphazardfash.


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