Monday, 12 December 2016

Outfit of the Day - Grey Day!

First off many apologies for not posting in a while but I'm in the middle of my uni exams and I barely have enough time to exist out of revision let alone blogging! But I have found myself with 6 days in between exams and I had a wee jaunt around Glasgow today and I thought i'd share with you my outfit on a grey day.

So edgy brah 

It was a grey day and my clothes decided to reflect that in my outfit! The market was an experience to say the least - "no for the millionth time I don't want to buy a pirated copy of Robbie William's CD" - but the food festival beside it was really great! Also ended up buying something in Allsaints that I really did not need and for your information it was grey haha i need help pls - send help.
These where people that have all performed at Barrowlands 
Anyway moving on to what I wore:

Jacket! It is a grey salt and pepper wool Nicole Farhi Jacket! (A last Christmas splurge) I'm in love with the four patch pockets that are on the front because I can fit my entire life in them! 

Jumper! It's grey and it's cashmere... what more could you want? It keep me super warm and cosy and is not bulky - a personal hatred of mine when it comes to jumpers - because when you are sufficiently bulky already you don't need more of it. It is from John Lewis and is such great quality and I have already bought a black one! 

Jeans! Levi's 512 in black - basically the only things I have on my legs (stop laughing) just the perfect fit between skinny and not too skinny.

Boots! Are they attached and will I need surgery, yes! These are black suede chelsea boots from Topman and they have a very subtle western detailing on them (They are no John Waynes). When you have tonal outfits it is all about the small details that make it stand out which with grey is so hard.

Accessories: The coffee cup is quite optional 

Anyway sorry for it taking so long but here is my grey day OOTD! 

Many thanks guys

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