Sunday, 4 December 2016

November favourites

Eugh I lament writing this because December is exam season at Glasgow and I have 4 exams before Christmas! But December is great because it is Christmas - just those pesky exams first dampening my Spirit.

But anyway here has been the products // things I have been loving during November.
 hope you enjoy!

Isle of Skye Candle in 'Winter Warmer'

Admittedly I got this super cheap otherwise I probably wouldn't of bought it but the scent is just Christmas! No it is not those horrible sickly sweet candles that are always churned out by yankee (they smell awful) this is a rich and spicy fragrance that fills you room with scent within minutes of lighting. The candles themselves are hand poured and manufactured on the Isle of Skye and are made with soya wax grown in a specific way not to harm the environment! And for £12 for a small tumbler candle it is a real bargain! BUY HERE

Tom Ford Noir

I should probably shut up about this but it us my all time favourite fragrance I have had many a bottle over the years and I still can't get enough of the smell....
"Hello my name is Sam and I have a problem"
The thing is anything with Amber in I am guaranteed to like and this has it in bucket loads - it is just so sumptuous, smooth and it lasts for ages - I have been wearing this for three years now and I can always still smell it throughout the day something that no other fragrance has yet achieved. Although next on my list is Creed Aventus - Noir will always be my favourite! BUY HERE

ESPA Optimum Skin ProSerum

A recent find of mine that made its way into my life by virtue of a sales assistant in Harvey Nichs giving me a 4ml sample of it. It's called a serum but its an oil (like the Kiehl's midnight recovery) but it absorbs into your skin so fast - much much faster than many other oils that I have used before - I hate the feeling of an oil on my face that just sits there for a long time when I am going to bed. Formulated with Turmeric to enhance your radiance and White Lupin to increase elasticity in your skin - with many others. But I really can believe these claims it has just transformed my skin! When this sample runs out I am immediately purchasing the full size - shit! - it's £49 ummmm who cares! Who can put a price on great skin?! BUY HERE

Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner

What a wonder! I have become accustomed to the tingle that it gives when I sweep it over after cleansing. It has a lovely fresh smell and doesn't dry me out and I think it has made my skin tone ever so slightly more even. I really cannot fault this and at £16 for the bottle I think it is a bargain! BUY HERE

Nuxe Lip Balm and Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve 

I've put these two products because in my opinion they go together... no don't put hand cream on your lips! ...... what I mean is that these are the two products are always by my side where ever I go! I had dry hands and chapped lips and in Winter it is oh so easy to get them. Both are incredibly nourishing and hydrating without being uncomfortably greasy... I hate when you use hand cream and then you can't touch anything for ten minutes because it needs to sink in! Kiehl's hand cream just sinks in super quickly and my hands are always hydrated but never greasy. BUY HAND CREAM HERE // BUY LIP BALM HERE

John Lewis Cashmere Jumper

A real shoutout to John Lewis for creating the ultimate wardrobe staple! For £85 (bare with me) you get the softest, warmest and best quality jumper money can buy! I have two - one grey and one black - and they are always on me! So simple they go with everything but I always feel special wearing them because cashmere is so luxurious! I could really write for years about them... but I need to stop... Just go out and buy one you'll never look back! BUY JUMPER HERE

Avocado on Toast 

We feel out of love a while ago but the over November it is all I have been craving! I've been having mine at home on a slice of toast with cherry tomatoes and red onion and LOADS  of pepper! It is just the perfect quick to do but easy healthy lunch to just whip up out of nowhere when you have little time! Having said that Pret a Manger has just opened up near my house and I can't resist sometimes....

There we have it! My monthly favourites!

What products have you been loving over November? Tweet them to me @haphazardfash


  1. nice picks! I love avocado on sourdough. I had that candle last Christmas and so enjoyed it!

    1. Thank you very much! Cannot beat a good bit of sourdough! Yes I am in love with the candle! Thank you for being the first person to comment on a blog post!!!!