Friday, 2 December 2016

5 Types of Shoes that Every Man Should Own

Shoes are an essential items in every man wardrobe! First off because they protect your feet from outside - I walked barefoot once back from a night out where I lost my shoes (I have no idea) and I can confirm that it was very very uncomfortable!

But put your best foot forward with these! 

Plain derbies

The perfect smart but not too smart pair of shoes! My ones are black and are from Oliver Sweeney and have a white rubber sole which dresses them down a little meaning that I can wear mine with either proper trousers or jeans (the way I normally wear them). By having them in black you are guaranteed to wear them regularly since black goes with everything right? Apart from Boots these are my go-to winter shoes as they keep my feet warm, are very sturdy and the thick rubber sole keeps me from doing a Bambi in the streets! These specific shoes aren't available anymore but I'll find some more for you :)

Chelsea Boots 

During winter I live in Chelsea Boots! They protect me from the elements (mine are suede so sort of), keep my feet super warm (who likes cold feet?) and they are super stylish. Personally I am not a massive fan of lace up boots because they are always seem to clunky for me and are always too big and bulky and make my short legs look even smaller! Chelsea boots are super flattering on my because they come up to just above ankle height and are tight to my leg - so I don't look like an 8 year old child who has put on his dads boots! If you don't own a pair of these why are you still reading? Get out and get them! My current ones are from Topman but I can't find them on the website so I've found similar!

Minimalist trainer 

Photo from Mr Porter 

One from my wish list now! I have wanted the Common Projects White Achilles trainers for about 2 years now but have never had the gumption to pay £250 for a pair of shoes before - this will be changing soon though! Come spring these will be on my feet and they will be worn with everything! The best thing about these is they look fantastic paired with jeans for an off duty look but can immediately make a suit look more casual and relaxed by throwing these on in place of a more traditional brogue for example. These can be worn anywhere>.. I think that I have talked myself into them! 

Suede Desert Boots 

Photo from Clarks 

Now I will be showing you a picture from the internet as mine are trashed beyond repair! However the suede desert boot was always on my feet when I wasn't at work! They blur the line between smart and casual as well as a minimalist trainer and can immediately dress up jeans and a t-shirt or dressing down a suit - wear with invisible socks and make sure your trouser is tailored to either be slightly above or on the level of the desert boot. In my opinion the only place that should be legally allowed to sell desert boots is Clarks they just have it down to a fine art! The best colour in my opinion is a sandy colour - when I first put these on in the year I know summer is about to start! 

Retro trainer 

Photo from Mr Porter 

Again I'm too embarrassed to show you the state of my white converse some people are just born with an ability to keep them white at all times - I have fallen in a bog in mine hahah poor shoes. I compare white converse to minimalist trainers except they are like the cousin that you wouldn't to take to a formal occasion because they wouldn't know what fork to use first but you would take them to a casual occasion like the pub because they are just so fitting! Converse are one of the ultimate casual shoes and in summer I switch between them and my desert boots - they keep your feet cool, are super comfortable and make any outfit just that little bit more summery! Another shoe that is going through a bit of a retro revival right now is the Vans Old Skool - everyone and there mothers uncle is wearing them - for me they are too much of a celebrity led trend at the moment and I think they make my foot look a lot wider and shorter! 

These are my five go to pair of shoes and I think every man should own all of these! 
What's your go to shoe?

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