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What to get him for Christmas? A gift guide for him!

Writing this it is less than one month until Christmas and I couldn't be happier! Well having said that I have four university exams to complete before full Christmas celebrations can begin however, "All I Want For Christmas" has been on for a solid month now.

To change up the normal gift guide posts I'm sure thousands of bloggers prepare every year I thought that I would group three gifts at a time together under a title called "for the man who....." (I'm sure I could of explained that easier I know but I'm sure you'll understand if you will read on).

"For the man who loves to be classic"

These three gifts are three items of clothing that will transcend many seasons and will last a man as long as he is willing to properly take care of them!

Allsaints -£525 (use code CYBER for 30% off) Image from
First up is a leather biker jacket! Classic leather biker jackets never seem to go out of fashion and although I have chosen a very extravagant one from Allsaints you can pick these up from places to suit a multitude of budgets. In my opinion Allsaint leathers cannot be unrivalled in quality and fit. Properly taken care of a quality leather jacket will last upwards of ten years and the Casey style from Allsaints is very classic. Furthermore leather jackets can be worn at nearly every time in the UK (What's summer?!) so you can buy him a classic piece that he can wear often and will last him a long long time (what could be a better gift?). Buy here // Similar one from zara

Boots - £55 - Kurt Geiger // Image from
As soon as the temperature drops below 5 degrees I wave goodbye to my trainers and just live in boots! So what better to get the man in your life for Christmas - yes I'm talking about boots! I've chosen these black classic boots from Kurt Geiger which are also only £55!! Black boots go with everything and these are a super simple design and don't follow any trends! Buy here!

Scarf £350 - Burberry // Image from
Next up is a scarf (All these items match together well in my opinion) A luxury scarf is a wonderful gift to get someone. Again if you take care of this it will last a lifetime (sometimes paying the extra for quality is really worth it). This is a Burberry Checked Scarf in Black and Grey and is on my wish list! It will go with nearly everything you wear in winter and is so versatile - I just love mine. Buy here!

If a man throws all of these over a black t-shirt // lightweight jumper and jeans he'll look so effortless!

"For the man who wants to relax"

I'm sure we all know someone who works just that little bit too hard! These gifts are aimed for those people and those that generally are into skin care and having a night time ritual!

£50 - Space NK // Image from
First step to taking care of your skin is too cleanse it, although I find with a lot of cleansers they are heavily marketed towards removing make-up, but this shouldn't worry you cleansing is still a great way of removing grease, pollution and dead skin from your face after a hard days work. One of my all time favourites is the Eve Lom Cleanser! Ideal for night time it is a balm cleanser which you rub in dry to the skin and press on your pressure points on your face and wash off using warm water. I have had countless samples of this but my budget doesn't quite stretch to a pot of this (please be under the tree!). I experimented with it and just cleansed my skin with it before bed and did not moisturise and my skin was so soft and glow-y the next morning (I didn't look like a strobe light though). This gift set from Space NK contains a 50 ml cleanser - which is £40 on its own - and contains a whole host more and is only £10 more expensive than the cleanser on its own! Buy here

£55 - SpaceNK // Image from
I love candles - in fact I have them dotted all over my room - and I find no easier way to relax than lighting all of the candles in my room, dimming the lights and commencing with my skin care routine. My favourite candle is Autumn from the White Company but alas it is seasonal so my close second is Diptyque Ambre - it is just a very warming and exotic scent! I love it! It's something that I really, really under to be under the tree! Buy here!

£26.10 (125ml) - Kiehl's // Image from
And finally, everyman needs a good moisturiser! My pick is the Kiehl's Facial Fuel... It is an enriched non-oily moisturiser to awaken dull and tired skin. Designed for men the consistency is thick but not greasy and I find this range has a subtle peppermint smell to it. It has chestnut oils, vitamins A and E to enrich skin and wake it up! It is a really good moisturiser to start someone off of if they haven't tried any skin care before and it is part of a large range of products for men! Buy here!

"For the man who just wants to have fun"

She looks bloody terrified! // Image from
Indoor sky diving experience! What could be more exhilarating than sky diving indoors with a massive fan blowing you upwards?! You can book the experience with Virgin and redeem the voucher at one of three locations across the UK where you get two one minute blasts in the wind tunnel. The voucher is valid for nine months after purchase so is ideal for someone to give as a gift because they can do it whenever it suits them! Whats more is this experience is only £29! A really one of a kind gift for not that much money! Buy here!

£13 (for two) - Tesco // Image from
Nerf guns are very very funny things to buy people! Last Christmas my family bought 4 and we watched as Christmas evening descended into chaos with various people running round the house in a mini war! A very fun gift that will make everyone laugh (and recoil in terror at the same time!). Christmas wouldn't be the same without some whole family fun - watching my nan shoot one of these for an armchair is one of my greatest memories! And a twin pack are only £13 at Tesco! Buy here!
 These are just some of my ideas for gifts for the guys for Christmas! What's yours?


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