Sunday, 20 November 2016

5 Coats Every Man Should Own

As I promised I'm back at it again with another post! Plus I'm very happy because I had some awesome sushi from Waitrose! Anyway let's get back on track. These in my opinion are the five types of jackets that you need to cover you for every occasion.

Let's get going!


No I'm not talking about a man that knows far too much about trains I am in fact talking about the humble hooded coat. A staple for when winter's grey skies open and you need to stay dry a stylish anorak is essential. My one is from COS and is blue wool - okay it's not that practical - but it always has kept me warm and dry. It's a great coat because it has four Tardis like pockets where everything goes like, my pens, phone, wallet and usually a late essay submission... the pockets on this coat literally fits it all! Navy goes with nearly everything and it is a very flattering length, it is not too long that your legs look like toddlers but not too short where you look like you've had the coat since you where 12. COS brings out one of these every A/W season and is usually around £175- £200 (or you can wait until the Christmas sales and it is usually 30% off ;) ). Buy similar here
Jacket - COS £175, Jumper - Ralph Lauren 

Pea Coat

There's just something about a well fitting pea coat that seems to flatter every man - from wide lapels to broaden your shoulders or that the buttons make your waist look smaller - it truly is an essential that once bought and taken care of will last you many seasons. When the weather gets tough the flick up of the large collar and watch your masculinity soar. My one is from Reiss and is around five years old... it's grey wool with little flecks of lighter grey, white and copper through it. The thing I love about this jacket is it will go with anything because of all the colour woven into the fabric. Reiss Pea Coat here // Similar here
Jacket -  Reiss, Scarf - Burberry 

Field Jacket 

Gone are the days that they where reserved for people on safari that Field Jacket has been pushed into the modern age! I have worn mine so much and it is great for the transitional season where you are too sure if it's cold or mild-ish. Mine is from Barbour and has burnished gold hardware but is not totally waterproof... Beware of heavy rain! (I looked like a drowned rat). Cross two trends with this Shearling one // Much more affordable! // Treat yo Self

I should be more happy since I found a fiver in the pocket! Jacket- Barbour £150 

The ultimate "zip-up-and-go" jacket. I have this purely just to throw on over anything when I'm on the go running errands or if I'm going to be going shopping inside all day. Very casual (Please don't put it over a shirt otherwise you'll look like a car salesman).Again it's black so it can be thrown over anything, it's my jacket that is always on stand-by. Mine was £1 from a charity shop!!! But I will try and find some similar ones.  Blouson from M&S // Another Treat yo self
Jacket - Carabou (£1 from Charity shop) Top- River Island 

Denim Jacket

An absolute classic. Comes in so many guises, colours, weights and additions. I have a thin one from New Look for layering under my COS anorak to make my outfit much more casual. Double denim seems to be in - I've tried it and I look like a cowboy and not in a good way - but that's something I would try and steer clear of. Whether it's a t-shirt, jeans and a pair of converse or a jumper and some shoes throwing over a denim jacket is an easy way of casual-ifying it (I made that word up). Similar here // Similar // The original

Jacket - New Look £24.99, T-shirt - River Island, Jeans - Levi 512's

 Here's the clothes I was wearing under the jackets

Not the same T-shirt but similar
Ma shoes

My one is blue but this is the jumper

Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow! xo

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