Monday, 21 November 2016

"When the weather outside is frightful but your winter accessories are so delightful"

Hello again everybody!
I woke up this morning with very cold feet and hands as it was a lovely minus 2 this morning in Glasgow! Of course, it's hard to get outside and you anything when it's so cold but hopefully these few warming favourites of mine make the outside that little more bearable.

Hat - £3 Primark
When the wind is howling outside and you just have to get out of bed a warm and cosy hat and scarf is an essential. I personally really like beanies that can just about cover my ears and ones that don't have any floppy material that bobs around as you walk. I buy the majority of my knitted hats from Primark - asos has a great range too- because I seem to just lose them! Whether it be, planes, trains, cars, boats, fence posts, lecture halls or i just drop them by accident I can't seem to keep a hold of them! If you are like me then losing a £3 hat isn't the end of the world then Primark is a good place to go! I really really want a full cashmere one from Jaeger but I would hate myself if I had spend around £60 and after a couple of weeks it was gone! Now I always used to spend more money on my scarves and I generally used to fork out for pure wool ones - usually from T K Maxx (love dem bargains) - but last Christmas I was gifted a blue Burberry one and FROM OCTOBER TO MARCH IT IS ATTACHED TO MY NECK - is it possible to love anything more? You can buy my one true love here

Hand Cream -£14  - Kiehl's // Lip Balm - £9.50 - Space NK 
Now once you're outside (well done) and your head and neck is covered but your face is still exposed those poor lips are exposed! I love treating myself to come nice Lip Balm and my current favourite is from Nuxe it is their "ultra nourishing lip balm" and well I can confirm it does what it says on the tin! It is formulated with honey and grapefruit oil to keep your lips nourished for longer and to protect you from the elements! You also get a lot in the jar so your £9.50 (availlable from Space NK) will last you a long time. Then I hate having dry hands in winter especially with you taking them in and out of gloves all day your hands need a treat as well! My favourite is the Kiehl's "Ultimate strength hand salve" this is for very hard working hands and is a very thick - but not greasy - cream. It also contains an amazing amount of botanical oils - avocado and sesame - to name a few that it smoothes and conditions the skin as well! It's something I always have by my side no matter where I am.

Now it is time to talk about how to keep your body warm and Quelle surprise, it's by clothes (so groundbreaking).

Cable Knit - £115 - Ralph Lauren
I'm just a fan of chunky knits of any colour really but my favourite recent purchase is my grey lambswool Ralph Lauren cable knit. So warm and cosy and grey is a strong colour to wear this season - I really want more of these but that'll have to wait! Cable knits are classic knits and are casual thrown over a pair of jeans or smartened up but going over a shirt but I got mine in a size up from normal to be oversized and more casual.

Jacket - £500 - Nicole Farhi 
By far the best money I have spent all year is on this Nicole Farhi jacket! Grey on grey on grey is a really strong trend this season and I always pair it with my cable knit or my grey cashmere jumper (LINK). Patch pockets on any outerwear are also a strong trend and this has four! (The pockets on this jacket will fit anything in). It's 100% wool outer keeps you protected from the chill and it is also fully lined to increase your comfort. I bought this is Harvey Nichols in early January for £200 but it was reduced from £500 and judging by the amount of wear I have got out of it, it was money definitely well spent.

Slipper Socks - £12 - M&S 
Once you are back in your home and have left the cold air outside my biggest bug bare is having cold feet and these slipper socks from M&S where a great buy! A wool // acrylic outer, fleece lined keeps your feet so toasty but not sweaty and the grips on the bottom keep you from sliding around the carpet like Bambi on Ice!

So there was my winter favourites for you guys!
Thank you very much for reading! xo

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