Tuesday, 22 November 2016

My Skin Care Routine *spoiler It's all Kiehl's*

"The Sahara" my mum once called my skin and immediately demanded that I buy a moisturiser immediately and once it arrived I fell in love with the way my skin felt afterwards and magically my love of skin care was born!

Fast forward to my university times and my slightly more moisturised but still dry skin marched into the Kiehl's store on Buchanan Street. After a brief consultation where they tested my skin and surprise - it was dry. I had explained that I used a moisturiser and I subsequently learnt that you should not just moisturise but have a full routine - you learn something new every day huh?

Again fast forward two years, and my routine has got slightly more complex but is still exclusively Kiehl's. My skin has really transformed and doesn't look like a desert anymore -yay- and more recently I've been getting compliments on how clear and soft my skin looks. This is my nighttime routine!

First step is always to properly clean and cleanse your face! Cleanser - From £8.50 // Clinique Brush - £89

For this I use Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser which is "formulated with glycoside to throughly cleanse skin without over drying it" I contains things like Vitamin E oil and avocado oil to in theory moisturise the skin. While this does cleanse my skin well I sometimes feel my skin is slightly dry after using it and when this runs out I will be trying a new Kiehl's cleanser. I massage this into my skin using my Clinique cleansing brush and while it is not essential I have noticed a slight difference with regards to how clear my pores look - in comparison to rubbing the cleanser in with my hand - and that my cleanser doesn't dry my skin as much when I use it in-conjunction with the brush. The brush head has two types of bristles with the majority of them - in lighter grey - are softer for the general region of your face and they top darker bristles are more corse to really get into the pores in your T-Zone - this is where the brush really comes into its own! I massage everything in using the brush for 60 seconds and then I remove the product with some warm water.

Step 2! Post-prep Toner - From £16.50

I run from the bathroom and grab my Kiehl's Cucumber Herbal Toner - a massive plus is that it's alcohol free so it will not dry out your skin and I use this product to dampen a cotton pad and I sweep it over my freshly cleansed skin to firstly get rid of any cleanser that I didn't wash off and secondly, to prepare my skin for moisturisation! (Definitely a made up word!) The toner itself is very calming to apply and leaves my skin feeling super soft. Mines nearly done I and will definitely be buying again!

Step 3! Adding the moisture! Cream - From £24 // Balm -from £24 // Eye Cream - from £20

First I always put on my eye cream - the Kiehl's creamy eye treatment - it is formulated with avocado oil and is very thick! I only ever use this at night because it really needs some time to sink in. I pat this around my brow bone and on the orbital bone - do this very gently because your under eye skin is so delicate.

Then I have two types of moisturiser from Kiehl's Ultra Facial Range and they are the cream and the balm. I mainly use the cream but when my skin really needs it I put on the balm - which is so thick! However you need to let the balm sink in otherwise when you go to bed you stick to the pillow! The Ultra Facial Cream is my everyday go to moisture that will protect you from the cold conditions and is fortified Imperata Cylindirca which is a desert plant that supposedly enables your moisturiser to retain water. Overall it really works! When I apply this it sinks in and leaves my skin feeling super soft and hydrated - I'm onto my third pot of this and I can't see getting another moisturiser.

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