Saturday, 25 February 2017

A Slither of Sun!

I don't know if you've noticed but Glasgow has been comparatively tropical recently (I mean a whole 10 degrees)! As soon as the sun is out I find it easier to jump out of bed, get dressed and have a walk around and explore the most wonderful city! If you haven't visited Glasgow yet, then why haven't you? It is a wondrous city full of gems!

Anyway, I thought I'd share two of my favourite outfits for when it's sort of warm but sort of cold - basically my two favourite transitional outfits!

Is that Hogwarts in the background? No that's the stunning Glasgow Uni - a must see for everyone! 


This is a black blouson jacket that I found in a charity shop for £1 and is amazing! Now the zip is broken because it got trodden on on a night out but I'll find similar below

Very similar

This is bloody beautiful


Is a forest-y green t-shirt from my favourite place in the entire world; COS! Greens and more specifically khaki is a big trend for summer and I'm more than happy to have this easy to thrown on piece in my wardrobe.

Link to the t-shirt


These are cropped wider leg office trousers from Zara. SS17 catwalks showed us that designers are moving away again from skinnier silhouettes but are affiliating themselves with more wide leg ones although on the catwalk these came across as super wide trousers and if I wore those I'd look like a dressy gap yar gal, these ones are the perfect wider leg style that are still flattering on me.

Here they are! 


One of my greatest investments yet have to be these Oliver Sweeney oxfords! These have a white rubber sole and are so so comfortable that I could walk in them for days! OS is such a quality brand and these are made in the UK and I can see myself wearing these for a long time to come. I don't think they are in stock anymore but I'll find similar down below.

Here's a link to Oliver Sweeney 

Similar shoes by Grenson

Down below is the outfit that I wore on my day out to Glasgow's science centre! (which by the way is huge fun)

The wind was ferocious when this photo was taken... sorry if I look awful but I didn't want to go for a swim.

My newest edition to my wardrobe is this wonderful fake leather biker jacket! Wasn't sure if it suited me but got compliments from 5 separate people while wearing it! My tip is before you want to invest in a proper leather jacket is to buy a cheaper one to see if you actually wear it - now I'll know that I would wear a leather jacket because I haven't taken it off! This was £50 from H&M!

Can't find my exact one but this one from H&M is extremely similar

The Allsaints leather that I am lusting after


While shopping in H&M I noticed that they had a promo on that if you bought three or more items then you could get 20% off! So I saw this and originally thought it had code on it (It's just ways you can express the dates - I'm quite thick) but thought that it looked super cool (I hate that word)! I really love that Saint Laurent T-shirt that has the fangs on it but cannot justify myself spending £250 on a t-shirt so I bought this one for £8.99 instead.

Here is my exact tee

The Saint Laurent T-shirt I was babbling on about

Jeans - Levi's 512 (I'm sure you're tired of my mentioning of them)

Shoes - Topman suede chelsea boots and again I am 100% sure that you don't want me to drone on about them! I just love them though!

What is your favourite things to wear as soon as a little sun comes out? Tweet your outfits to me @haphazardfash

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