Sunday, 19 February 2017

Reviewed: Bleu de Chanel

I first discovered Bleu De Chanel when I was around 16, as a reluctant teen I was being dragged from concession to concession in Debehnams by my mother whom is also a huge huge fan of Chanel No5 (if she could drink it she would) and when she was talking to the lady at the Chanel counter I first smelt Bleu De Chanel and I was instantly transfixed but as a poor teen I could not afford such a luxury.

Fast forward two years to my university days I was walking around the shops and was offered a scent card with Bleu de Chanel on and I was hooked again! As a slightly more well off uni student I bought a bottle there and then! Three bottles later - although the last full bottle had a meeting with the bathroom floor and was subsequently smashed, the tiles have never smelt better!-  here I am giving you my review!

Firstly what strikes you is the weight of the bottle, stick two bottles on the either end of a bar and you could do bicep curls with them. Weight is always a sign of quality after all and Chanel have not scrimped there. Also, the cap is magnetised and snaps itself shut (I'm too easily amused) this is another sign of quality. Also I can tell you that the glass bottle is very thick walled and takes a large drop to break! Purchasing the aftershave from the counter in Debenhams is always an exciting experience, the counters are always opulent, the staff always friendly and very well presented and the packaging is very luxurious. 

Bleu de Chanel is one of my go to daytime scents, the fresh grapefruit and other citrus' really wakes me up in the morning! The citrus opener steps aside for prominent notes of cedar wood and mint, the mint really reinforces the cedar and makes the cedar the most predominant note. Bleu de Chanel has quite a soapy smell to it initially, it is very fresh and clean and really makes it an easy one to splash on for the day time. It dries down quickly to reveal notes of sandalwood, incense and pepper - I can see why some people think that this is a night time fragrance but personally for me I prefer something heavier for night time. Something to note is that on me, it does not last as long as others so I'm going to invest in a small bottle to take out and about with me so I can top it up! Also to get the best out of this I would recommend to be liberal with your application so you can very get the very best of the delicate and different notes that this has to offer.

To summarise, Bleu de Chanel is a fantastic daytime fragrance to really get you going in the morning and if you love something lighter for the night this could also be great for you! I really love this fragrance and I will always want to have a bottle with me! The only slight down side is the lasting power but for a day time fragrance that is something that is not some bothersome for me. 

*I was sent this to review however my review and opinions are my own as always
Again a massive thank you to Nick from to sending this to me!

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  1. I smelt this for the first time just before Christmas last year. Fell in love and got a bottle for my boyfriend for Christmas. Have to say, since then, I've fallen out of love with it. Maybe because I do find it too strong and overpowering? Definitely agree that it would be a great night time aftershave! He likes it so that's all that matters, I just have to stand back when he has it on haha!
    Love Hannah x || HannahHawes